Phuket Transfer – how to get from A to B

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has been one of the most popular holiday regions in the country for many years. The tropical climate in Phuket knows only two seasons: Dry and rainy season. The best months of travel are from November to April: Then it’s dry and there are average temperatures between 24 and 34 degrees. Phuket has a long history and therefore also many attractions such as ancient temples. But most holidaymakers are arguably lured by the stunningly beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent vegetation that invite you to relax. If you want to experience something on Phuket, you will be plunged into the infamous nightlife on the party mile … Road in Patong. If this is not enough, you can book day trips to interesting mainland cities or other islands in the area.


These are many reasons that speak for a visit to Phuket and of course you want to see everything and participate. This requires a certain amount of mobility and it does not hurt to worry about transfers in the run-up to the journey. On the mainland, Thailand is considered a model for the Asian region in terms of public transport.


There is a good nationwide transfer network by rail, domestic flights, intercity buses and within the big cities, taxi driving is considered cheap and safe. But on Phuket is something different: A railway network is not available, the bus network is not well developed and the taxi drivers have a bad reputation, yes, some even speak of a taxi mafia. Driving with a rental car is only for experienced drivers in question: the accident statistics on Phuket is very high, which is not least on the left, which most tourists are not used to.


Especially for individual travelers, it is important not only to inform themselves about possible destinations and sights before starting the journey, but also about the possibilities of a transfer. In this article, you will learn how to get to your destination on time, safely and cheaply.


How do I get to Phuket?

The vast majority of German tourists will arrive in Phuket on a scheduled flight from Europe. But there is also the possibility to arrive with a domestic flight from the Thai mainland to Phuket. In addition, the island is connected to the mainland by a bridge in the north – so you can also travel from Thailand to Phuket by car. And last but not least, different ferries head for Phuket as the destination of the day – for example, if someone spends their holidays on Kho Phi Phi and wants to spend a day in Phuket, he can do so by ferry. From the island of Krabi there is the possibility to fly next to the ferry.



Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back

The airport of Phuket is with 12.9 million passengers just after the two airports of Bangkok the third largest of Thailand. From Germany, it is served directly by various airlines such as Condor, Eurowings and Edelweiss Air. Anyone who has landed well here is faced with the question of how to get into his hotel or accommodation. The airport is located in the very north of the island, which is almost 50 kilometers long – and about 20 kilometers wide. It is not far to Phuket town, even public buses run here. But many hotels are located in the holiday destinations Patong Beach or Karon Beach south along the west coast, other hotels are located at the very bottom in the south like Kata Beach, Rawai or Nai Harn. For the transfer, the following means of transport are available:


  • Taxi
  • Public bus
  • Shuttle-Bus
  • Privat-Shuttle
  • rental car



Book Phuket Transfers in advance

Some businesspeople in Phuket have realized that only satisfied guests come back and come up with an alternative that will allow them to avoid the local transfer scams: numerous internet platforms offer to book a transfer in advance. This has several advantages:


  • You get a fixed price
  • Secure payment, for example via Paypal
  • They escape the intrusive fraudulent drivers on the spot
  • Your driver is tested, friendly, with an approved vehicle and appropriate driving style
  • You will be expected and picked up at the airport with a name tag
  • No rip-off


Phuket transfer not booked in advance – what now?


    • Taxi
      If you get into the adventure taxi, then insist on the taximeter. Let you drive directly to the hotel of your choice and tell the driver that you have already booked. If you do not have a reservation, the taxi driver will want to have a commission from the hotel. To check your reservation, he will offer to carry your luggage in. Do not and discharge the driver in front of the hotel. Never discuss your travel details with the driver and treat him for what he is: A ride service to take you from A to B. If you are too friendly, he sees that as a weakness and will try to exploit it. Make a note of the taxi’s number.


    • Public bus
      For passengers with light luggage, there is a public bus service from the airport to Phuket city. The journey time is about 90 minutes and costs a maximum of 100 baht. The orange bus can be found between the local arrivals hall and the departure hall. The bus driver stops wherever you want to get off, you just have to tell him.


    • rental car
      You can book a rental car on Phuket just like anywhere else. There are two car rental companies at the airport. A rental car makes you independent and you can plan your very own private tour. Even trips to the mainland are possible via the bridge. However, a rental car is only recommended for experienced drivers – for practice for freshly baked driver’s license holders, Phuket is a very unsuitable place: The traffic volume is relatively large, the driving style of the locals chaotic and the right of the Stronger. Everywhere, large animals can stand on the roadway, teeming with moped riders squeezing through the smallest gap and there is leftbound traffic. Accident statistics are relatively high by international standards.


    Of course, you can also use this service for all sorts of other journeys – if you still know in Germany when you want to be where exactly. This certainly makes sense when you arrive and from the airport – on holiday itself, however, it takes away your spontaneity. Often the ideas for excursions come first on site or you get offered an interesting tour. If you have your laptop with you, you can still book in advance. Other things, there are other recommendations:


    Transfer to attractions, cities and other destinations

    If you recover from the travel camps after arriving and have spent a few nice days on the beach, the time comes when you want to see more from Phuket: Another beach, a shopping mall, sights like old temples or Tsunami memorials. And again, the question arises about the Phuket transfer from A to B.


    The following modes of transport are available:

    • Public transport, buses
    • Tuktuk
    • Mopedtaxi
    • Private drivers
    • Taxi App: GrabTaxi
    • Self-driving



    Phuket transfer by bus

    The public buses are called Songthaews on Phuket. They are open at the back and can be waved at any time if you want to get in. There are no fixed stops, or at least are not recognizable. If you want to get out, press a switch and give the driver the signal to stop. Unfortunately, there are no direct bus services between the beaches on the west coast such as Kata, Karon, Paton, Kamala or Surin. Each place is connected to Phuket city. So if you want to go from Patong Beach to the neighbouring town of Karon, you have to take a huge detour across the island’s capital by bus. This is very cheap, but it makes no sense in time.



    The bus connections in the south are slightly better, as the regions of Nai Harn, Rawai and Chalong are on one route and the bus has to go along there anyway on the way to Phuket city. For a trip you pay between 30 and 50 baht, depending on the route.


    Conclusion: Buses are well suited to go to Phuket City or the airport. Plus, sitting between locals on the bus, who sometimes carry chickens with them, can be a special experience


    Phuket transfer by TukTuk

    As described above, the tuk-tuks are not recommended. They are very expensive, the drivers often outrageous and rip-off pre-programmed. If it can’t be avoided, insist on a meter or at least trade the price out beforehand – although it can happen that the driver will charge double that at the end of the ride. Even though the price is extremely high by Thai standards, such journeys are still moderate compared to European prices.



    Phuket transfer by moped taxi

    Moped taxis are mainly available in the larger cities such as Patong or Phuket Town. They are cheaper than TukTuks and usually faster, because they squeeze right and left through every gap that leaves a few more inches of space. For short distances, it’s certainly an option – if you’re brave enough for it. Otherwise, the moped taxi is not necessarily recommended, because unfortunately the accident statistics for Phuket are very high and usually moped riders are involved in it. Always negotiate prices in advance. Common are between 25 and 30 baht for the first two kilometers, then 5 baht more for each additional kilometer. Best of all, you halve the said price and then meet in the middle.


    Phuket transfer with private driver

    It is often possible to organise a private driver through a hotel employee. The private driver is usually a relative and drives you across the island to your liking. It is best to agree one fixed price per day. There is no more pleasant way to get to the various sights – provided the driver is nice and has a serious driving style.


    Phuket transfer for self-drivers

    You can rent cars, but also mopeds or motorcycles. This is the easiest way to explore the island independently and independently. The daily price for a moped is between 200 and 300 baht, a car you get for about 1000 baht a day. The international driving licence is officially prescribed, but most of the time it is usually enough.


    But as described above: Traffic on Phuket is not harmless: The left-hand traffic unfamiliar to most tourists, but also alcohol, exuberance and the supposed absence of any traffic rules drive up accident statistics: Die every year Hundreds of people on Phuket’s streets. Nevertheless, a large number of holidaymakers drive themselves without an accident. You should definitely be a routine driver and not a driver’s license beginner. Always drive ahead and expect everything at all times.


    Phuket Transfer via Taxi App: GrabTaxi

    Progress doesn’t stop at Phuket either: Here, too, there’s the ability to call a taxi via a mobile phone app. This works here just as it does in all other parts of the world: You install the app GrabTaxi on your smartphone, set it up accordingly and off you go. You enter your point of view and the desired destination, and you can also choose a driving class. Then you press Start and the app organizes the transfer. Payment is paid in cash to the driver. The app works all over the island and is recommended.



    Conclusion :There are many ways to get from A to B on Phuket. There is no such thing as the best option. The choice for a transfer is certainly situational and budgetary. Be careful and avoid the rip-off taxis.


    How to reach destinations outside Phuket

    Phuket is a beautiful holiday island – but also quite small. You quickly saw it all. Especially with longer stays, there is often a desire to explore the wider surroundings of the island. Popular destinations include Khao Lak, Bangkok and Koh Phi Phi Island or Krabi Province. You can find out how to get there here.


    Phuket transfer to Khao Lak

    A popular destination is, for example, the city and Khao Lak region. It is located north of Phuket on the Thai mainland. In Khao Lak there are lonely dream beaches that invite you to take wonderful walks and romantic sunsets under palm trees. In addition, you will find the famous police boat, which was simply left behind as a memorial to the 2004 tsunami or numerous national parks in the area, such as the Khao Sok, which are worth a visit.


    By taxi

    You can book a taxivia the internet. You will be picked up at Phuket Airport and drive about an hour and a half to Khao Lak – depending on where you want to go. The service costs from 1200 baht. Booked is made on the internet, but pays in cash with the driver.



    By coach

    Coaches run all over Thailand and are offered from spartan to luxurious. The cheapest are the standard orange buses. But instead of air conditioning they only have windows to open and it goes very tight in it. Not recommended for longer distances. The blue buses are roughly in line with the standard of European coaches. They have air conditioning and even a toilet. You can recommend them until journeys of 300 km. On the VIP bus you travel as if in business class, share 24 seats with your traveling companions and enjoy the amenities of air conditioning and food. In this way, other routes can also be well endured.


    By minibus

    Minibuses are a popular travel agent in Thailand, but regionally limited. On Phuket, they start at the bus terminal in Phuket Town.
    The transfer by minibus is much cheaper than by coach, but also with some inconveniences: For example, long waiting times. Although fixed departure times are agreed, these are usually not adhered to. Usually the driver waits until the bus is sufficiently busy – this can take an hour and a half. Another drawback is that the drivers of the minibuses are predicting the reputation of driving even more life-weary than all other road users. In fact, relatively rare accidents happen with minibuses, but the ride is not for the faint-hearted. In addition, the room is quite cramped in such a minibus, which is not for everyone. For travelers on a budget, the minibus is certainly the first choiceof those who want it more relaxed, because you prefer to take the coach.


    Private journey as a self-driver

    Since Phuket is connected to the mainland by a bridge, you can of course also take trips by car on your own. Once you leave the island, traffic decreases significantly and driving becomes less dangerous – even if everything still has to be reckoned with. Those who are willing to finance a rental car and dare to drive will find the most beautiful way to explore the country. You are free of defined routes and departure times, spontaneous detours are possible at any time.


    The only problem with this variant could be that-depending on the route-the car cannot be returned. If you drive from Phuket to Bangkok, you will definitely find providers with offices in both cities, on other routes this is difficult. But if you are only planning a round tour, book your vehicle on Phuket and return it there – that is no problem at all. There are two car rental services right at the airport.


    Phuket transfer to Bangkok and other major cities

    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. With more than 8 million inhabitants, it offers a pulsating life on the streets and quite a few attractions: The Chao Phraya, used by many boats, flows through the network of canals and also on the old town of Rattanakosin with the opulent Grand Palace and the temple. Wat Phra Kaeo over. Nearby are the temple Wat Pho with a huge reclining Buddha statue and on the other side of the river Wat Arun with its steep stairs and the Khmer-style pointed tower. In addition, Bangkok has an endless variety of shopping options, along with the famous nightlife.


    By air

    Flying within Thailand or even Asia is really cheap. And Phuket’s international airport is very well connected to all other Asian airports. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in particular are easily accessible from here. Take a look for offers from Budget Airline Air Asia. A flight to Bangkok is about 20 or 30 euros more expensive than the night bus ride, but also much faster and more convenient.


    By coach

    If you prefer to save money, you have to take the bus, because there is no rail traffic on Phuket. All major cities are served by overland buses. There are day and night buses that depart several times a day. Overnight trips have the advantage of saving an overnight stay and a day of travel, but the trips are not exactly relaxing: On the one hand, because you freeze because of the fully turned air conditioning, on the other hand, because the bus is sounded with loud Thai Opera music and There is a forced meal break in the middle of the night.
    Due to the small price difference, domestic flights are preferable, especially for longer distances.


    Phuket transfer to Krabi

    Some of Thailand’s most beautiful corners can be found in Krabi, just 158 kilometres away. The province on Thailand’s southern west coast is characterized by rugged, steep limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests and over 100 offshore islands. Among the most popular beach destinations are the Phi Phi Islands, which rise from the sea like huge, rainforest-covered rocks. Koh Phi Phi became famous as the backdrop for the film “The Beach,” starring Leonardo di Caprio. Rai Leh beach is only accessible by boat and a popular climbing destination. A trip from Phuket to Krabi is absolutely recommended, there are many ways to get there.


    Getting there by taxi

    The quickest way to get from Phuket to Krabi is to take a taxi. The tour lasts about two and a half hours and costs from 2300 baht. A group travels more cheaply when it charters a Mini Van for 2800 baht and shares the cost.



    Getting there by bus

    The cheapest approach would be with an orange bus for only 65 baht – but due to lack of air conditioning, it is not recommended, especially in the hot dry season. Even better is the ride on a second class bus (blue). It has air conditioning and is still very cheap with 90 baht every way. It travels most pleasantly with a fully air-conditioned coach (VIP). The journey costs about 120 baht, the buses start half-hour at the Bus Terminal in Phuket city.
    This is also where the minibuses start. A ticket costs about 140 Bath and the journey takes between two and a half and three hours.


    Getting there by ferry

    You can also leave Phuket by boat. Ferries depart from Rassada Pier in Phuket Town and cost about 500 baht to Kho Phi Phi. If you travel by sea, you will get to know the island world of Thailand from a completely different perspective. Highly recommended, except in heavy sea, then it is better to choose the route by land.


    There are various methods to get to Krabi by ferry. Here is a small list:

    • By Speedboat, Price: From 2000 Bath
    • Phuket – Kho Phi Phi, Price: 480 Bath
    • Kho Phi Phi – Krabi, Price: 440 Bath