Phuket’s sights: You can’t miss these places on your holiday!

More than 30 million tourists are drawn to the Asian region of Thailand every year. But they at least come here because of the clichéd sex tourism. On the contrary. The country has wonderful natural paradises, cultural highlights and many other attractions worth visiting. What you can’t miss on Phuket is revealed by the following lines.


Phuket with all the sights
Explore Phuket with all the sights-Landscape of Phi Phi Island-© by Zhukov Oleg


Phuket: A more versatile holiday paradise than many people think


It is Thailand’s largest island, has a population of around 220,000 and is a popular holiday destination in Asia: Phuket. With almost always 30 degrees Celsius, many hours of sunshine and numerous beaches, it invites many tourists to holiday. Millions of people flock to this island in their weeks off to sunbathe, recuperate and enjoy their free time on the myriad beaches.


But it’s not just the bathing trip that is interesting in Phuket, as the 543-square-foot island has other attractions to offer. In addition to the famous beaches, Phuket is attractions worth a visit. The island is known for its nightlife, natural paradises await discovery and cultural highlights can also be found here in the “Andaman Sea.” Tourism is mainly concentrated in the west coast and the south-east. In the north there are still lonely spots and in the east of the island the mangroves-tree and shrub species in salty water-are an important habitat for nature, but rather less suitable for tourism.


City of Phuket Town
View into the old town of Phuket Town-Thailand-© Pakpoom Phummee


There are smaller beaches and bays as well as large and smaller places. Phuket Town offers superbly preserved 19th century Old Town. But the cities of Patong, Kamala, Kata, Karon, Surin and Bang Tao are also popular destinations. Divers, sailors, families with children and golfers will also get their money’s worth on the island. Phuket is more versatile than many visitors might think at first glance.


If you want to discover Phuket, you can experience many different sights:


  • Urban attractions
  • Cultural sites
  • Sports activities
  • Natural paradise
  • Beaches that invite you to swim


The island can be explored excellently with its own rental car. For short trips within the cities worth a taxi, Tuk Tuks are more likely to “Songtaews” on Phuket, as they resemble more small vans, instead of the three-wheeled vehicle. Local buses are also possible. If you want to take a water on the adventure, you can do so with longtail boats. Because exploring around the relaxing hours in the sun, the island with its various highlights is definitely worth it.


information: Thailand is a very popular holiday destination. Tourists from all over the world are drawn here millions of times. So on Phuket sights are rarely lonely. Visitors should expect a lot of traffic and longer times at some of Phuket’s sites – but it ‘s worth the wait for the breathtaking views, insights and experiences!



Capital, nightlife and Las Vegas: Experience sights on Phuket with a lot of hustle and bustle!


Phuket Town is the state capital on the island and the largest urban area. Restaurants and boutiques, as well as regular local markets, beckon here as well as vibrant history. Phuket Town is an excellent place to get to know the “real Thailand.” Above all is Phuket’s old town-the “Old Phuket Town.” Behind it lies a charming and lively district in Sino-Portuguese colonial style. But also influences by British architects can be found in the facades. Atmospheric murals complete the optics of the city. To embellish the appearance in recent years, even the power lines hanging down ugly everywhere have been removed.



Old Chinese shops, pharmacies and print shops are still hiding between the pubs and restaurants. The “Thalang Road” and the “Soi Rommanee” are particularly varied, but the Chinese shrine “Jui Tui” is also worth a visit. In addition, the city with the “golden dragon” offers a wonderful statue in the “Queen Sirikit Park,” where you can stroll wonderfully. Wat Mongkol Nimit is a Buddhist temple on Dibuk Road.


Backpackers stay at “On On Hotel,” which was once the film set for the Hollywood strip “The Beach.” The “Chinpracha House” on “Krabi Road” is also worth a visit-a 19th-century mansion where a governor once lived. The ground floor can be visited in its original state.


In addition, no one can miss the nightlife, who will visit the Thai island -and if it is only the curious view. Sex tourism, prostitution and ladyboys are just as much a part of it here as the thoughtful night in the numerous discos and bars. Magnificent shows are also offered to the spectator on the island. The latter include “Phuket Fantasea” in the amusement and theme park not far from the Kamala Beach And “Siam Niramit” in Phuket, which beckon in the style of Las Vegas. The 90-minute stage shows feature scores of actors, extras and animals. While “Phuket Fantasea” is more aimed at spectacle, “Siam Niramit” offers a journey into the Thai history of kings and the legendary world of the Asian country.


Different places: Rock concerts and bars versus tranquility and seclusion


But it’s not just the capital that is an attraction in its its worth. Many places are particularly popular on Phuket and beckon with wild lifestyle on the island. Other places have a village character and offer solitude and tranquility. Phuket’s towns are also worth a visit.




Patong-Thailand-© Thanachet Maviang


Patong is the island’s main holiday destination on the west coast. More than 500 hotels are located here on different levels, making the spa very populated. Here you will find restaurants, shops as well as beer pubs, go-go bars, massage parlors, nightclubs and small art stages – especially in the “Bangla Road.”


The colourful cabarets feature fairytale shows. The “Simon Cabaret” stands out. But Patong is also known for the wellness centres. In the “Rock City Bar” the rock fans get in the mood at the daily concerts – many a celebrity can be found among the guests. Jazz and blues fans should visit the “Saxophone Club.” But well-known DJs also play in the discos. The best Skybar on Phuket Island can also be found in Patong – with the “Wassa Homemade Bar,” which offers breathtaking views over the bay.


A lot of transfer is not necessary in Patong – in the spa town the taxi or the way on foot is enough. There is little to experience here from traditional Thailand. One of the highlights is the temple “Wat Suwan Khiri Wong,” which marks the entrance to Patong at the end of a hilly road from Phuket Town.


However, it is also possible to hopping in Patong. The city has impressive shopping malls and unique commercial tents – even the beaches mutate into the market in the evening when the inhabitants put up their colourful tents there. In the southern part of Patong, the fishing fan gets his money’s worth. At the mouth of a small river, indigenous people provide the necessary equipment for rent. On the beach itself, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, deep sea fishing, sailing and scuba diving is possible.




Karon Phuket
View of Karon Phuket © aphotostory


The small village of Karon borders Patong with its beach south. There are significantly fewer hotels and resorts.

The place has no real center and divides into several areas. On one side is the lively area with shops, restaurants and a wild nightlife.


On the other side is the cultural part with the Buddhist temple “Wat Suwan Khiri Khet” along the “Patak Road”-it is considered one of the most attractive temples on Phuket.


Stylishly rimmed two snakes around the main building, another is guarded by a “yak” – a blue monster designed to dislodge ghosts.




The small place behind Kata Beach is actually not a direct place, but rather a collection of restaurants, shops and bars. It attracts mainly diving students and surfers, as a beautiful reef is located near the beach.


Nai Harn


Those who like it quiet and quiet should come to Nai Harnn. This east is very popular with the locals of the island and not yet discovered by all tourists.


Because there is not much room for big hotels here, because the place is idyllic in a narrow bay between mountains.

Nai Harn is idyllic quiet, yet with some shops and local restaurants not completely without supply.

Magnificent panoramas also beckon from various vantage points.


Nai Harn is the right holiday spot on Phuket for those looking for relaxation and a little seclusion without being completely isolated. Nightlife is scarcely present here.




This is a small place in the middle of the island. The village of Kathu is halfway between Patong Beach And Phuket Town. The small town is significantly less commercial than the major centres. He is particularly known for his waterfall, which is one of the most popular among the natural spectacles on Phuket. The waterfall can offer three stations – in the second level, the visitor can take a cool dip. However, there is no water in the dry season.


If you want to experience the traditional, quiet Thailand, you can mingle with the locals , visit the fresh markets and also visit the Buddhist monasteries including “Wat Kathu” and “katu Chinese Shrine.” The latter is the creation of the famous “Phuket Vegetarian Festival” – a colorful event in October by the Chinese community on Phuket. Participants believe that by giving up meat in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, participants gain divine health and mental balance.


Tip: You love Thai cuisine? Then you should take part in one of thecooking classes offered around Karon, Kata Beach and Rawai . The course usually starts with a market visit before the local ingredients are prepared together.





The small village of Rawai has retained the charm of a gypsy village. Many local fishermen can be seen stabbing into the sea from the 2.5-kilometre pier. The port is also an excellent starting point for tours to the various islands around Phuket. The place is very quiet, only some shops, restaurants and bars beckon here. For this , you can experience more of the original Thailand.




The small town of Chalong on the east coast is a popular destination for sailors and boat owners. This is because it can offer a 720-meter-long and seven-metre-wide jetty. Diving and excursion groups start their trips here several times a day, regular regattas invite you to watch. Restaurants and shops as well as many lovingly designed areas under the open sky round off the offer for visitors. Chalong is therefore particularly suitable for divers and boaters, but sports enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth here. First-class seafood restaurants, as well as other seaside locations, beckon.


Pure culture: Temples, statues and sports on Phuket


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the Thai culture of Phuket, you must not miss the “Big Buddha” (officially “Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha”). It sits in the south of Phuket on the highest mountain on the island, the “Khao Nakkerd.”

Big Buddha Phuket
“Big Buddha” officially Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha-Thailand-© jamlong tunkaew

From this hill, visitors can enjoy excellent panoramic views of Chalong Bay, Phuket Town, Kata Beach, Cape Panwa, Wat Chalong and the Racha Islands south of Phuket . The statue is clad in white marble, an impressive 25 feet wide and 45 feet tall. In addition, there are other smaller statues. The visitor can also visit the area beneath the statue and marvel here at the many offerings left by the locals out of worship of the supporting pillars. An exhibition also informs about the building and history of the Buddha.


If you want to experience one of Phuket’s most important temples, you must not miss the “Wat Chalong.” At this site, two monks who lived at the time of the uprising of the tin workers are worshipped. They are said to be magical. Locals leave offerings and ask for help. The wish is to be fulfilled by burning from a Böllerkette-the greater the desire, the more Böller the chain has. Up to 10,000 pieces are not uncommon.


In addition to the large main temple, there are other outbuildings that tell more anecdotes from the past. In the old “wooden sala” wax pictures of the monks can be seen. This is a peaceful place suitable for meditation.


Lying Buddha Wat Sri Sunthon Phuket
Lying Buddha Wat Sri Sunthon Phuket-Thailand-© Somjade Srimahachota


More than 2000 mosques exist on the island and are also waiting for tourists to be discovered. The “Mosque of Bang Tao” is the religious center of the islanders and one of the most beautiful buildings of the island. It was built in the late sixties and is located in the west of the island. Every Friday at 1pm, hundreds of worshippers come here to pray. But even during the week, a prayer takes place five times a day. Tourists are not reluctant to be seen here as long as they behave respectfully. This includes, among other things, the fact that no alcoholic beverages are served in the shops and restaurants around the mosque.


Numerous stories revolve around the “Wat Pra Tong”-a half-buried Buddha inland from Nai Yang Beach. The statue protrudes from the earth only with the top half, for it is attributed to magical powers: Anyone who wanted to dig it up failed.

In addition, there was a lot of misfortune after that. The Burmese, for example, were attacked by hornets in 1785, until they finished the excavations. Today, a small chapel is built above the statue.


Have you ever seen a reclining Buddha? Then don’t miss the “Wat Sri Sunthon” on the small island of Koh Sirey. The temple of the island is located right on the main road. On one roof lies the Buddha – golden and majestic.

Thailand also has a national sport. This one is its own form of kickboxing, which often ends with a knockout.

But especially worth seeing is the preparation of the fighters: Because every athlete performs his own “Wai Khru”-a dance with which the trainer is expressed respect to the coach. Such spectacles can be seen, for example, in the stadiums in Phuket’s cities of Patong and Chalong. Phuket’s taxi drivers know the way.


Note: For golfers, the Thai island is also a paradise. Various resorts beckon with their golf courses, but it is also possible to hole in front of simple beach huts. Many a court is built on former tin mines, such as “Red Mountain,” “Loch Palm” and “Phuket Country Club.”



However, if you have to stand the market visit on your trip to Thailand as a must-have, you should go to the weekly market in Phuket Town. Because this one stands out especially among all the many markets on the island. Every Saturday and Sunday, dresses, music, electronics and household goods can be purchased here from 4 p.m. at a small price. But also the many food stalls beckon with numerous appetizers. Insects pleasing? They, too, can be tasted here. Visitors will find the market against above the “Wat Naka,” locals know it under the name “Dtalad Thai Rod.” The sooner you decide to visit, the emptier the market will be.


Pure nature: The most beautiful natural paradises and viewpoints of the island


But Phuket is only available for a beach holiday. Nature lovers who want to discover wonderful paradises will also get their money’s worth on the Thai island. One of the most beautiful national parks in the country is the “Khao Sok.” Here the visitor finds evergreen rainforest in abundance-because the island is mostly covered by plantation forest. The last largest piece of rainforest is “Khao Phra Thaeo” in the national park with an area of 22 square kilometers.


In the park , hiking trails lead to rugged karst rocks and cliffs, waterfalls blend into the atmosphere in an idyllicway, but they hardly carry water during the dry season. They are filled in a must mainly at the end of the rainy season between October and January. A highlight of the national park is the “Chiao Lan reservoir.” The national park can be explored on your own, but guided tours are also possible. These often include elephant rides, canoeing and various jungle tours. Multi-day tours also offer overnight stays. Visiting a coral cave is also a highlight. The “Gibbon Project” in the park looks after animals that were once used as work monkeys and are now set to be rewild.


Viewpoint Promthep Cape Phuket
Sunset Viewpoint Promthep Cape Phuket-Thailand-© sittitap


The nature lover finds the “most famous of all Phuket sunset” at the southernmost point of the island-at the “PromthepCape.” But loneliness is not present here-the place is usually particularly crowded during the high season. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find other spots for your own most beautiful sunset. The “Windmill Viewpoint” is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island. It is within sight of the “Promthep Cape” and is populated by significantly fewer tourists . Those who don’t want to miss “Promthep Cape” should visit it earlier in the day and enjoy the view of Nai Harn, the Racha Islands and other small areas of land. A footpath leads to the end of the small headland. There is also a lighthouse on the Cape, which can be climbed. In the on-site restaurant, the sunset can also be enjoyed with some peace of mind-provided you arrive well before 6pm to grab a seat.


Another wonderful view of Phuket can be found at Kata View Point. This square is also called “3-book view,” as it offers a wonderful panorama of the beaches “Kata Noi,” “Kata Yai” and Karon. If you drive from here, you will find small idyllic reggae bars, from which you can also watch a beautiful sunset.


Khao Rang Hill View Point offers wonderful views of Phuket Town and the bay and is well worth taking a taxi or tuk tuk. The “Big Buddha” can also be seen from here. Photographers are advised to use the afternoon, as the light is best suited for photographing t. A cafe and drinks stalls ensure tourists don’t starve to death even on the hottest days.


A natural delight can be found in Phuket Town with the “A-Maze Garden.” Because in this hedge paradise, there is a need for a sense of direction. The garden was created by the world’s leading designer Adrian Fischer. His company has built 600 labyrinths in 30 countries, achieved world records and received countless awards. The visitor looks for his own way around corners, into dead ends, all the way to the exit in the labyrinth on “Bypass Road.” Cool drinks and snacks are then available in the local café.


Lonely beaches: Secret tips among the numerous stretches of sand


However, if you want to discover sights on Phuket, you can’t forget the beaches of the island. Here are many to choose from:



An insider’s tip among the beaches on Phuket is Koh Kaew Yai Beach. Here, couples and families in the south of the island will find a rather lonely paradise on the island of the same name. The beach can only be reached by longtail boat. But the somewhat awkward journey is worth it. The visitor is rewarded with a lot of privacy, peace and relaxation. The water is crystal clear and invites you to snorkel. If you want to make a marriage proposal on a Thai holiday, you have found the perfect location with this beach-pure romance. There are still simple conditions here. On the island there are also some monks permanently living, who are happy to enjoy snacks brought with them. Only the sunset will be missed by the visitor, as it is not allowed to stay overnight on the island.


Another beach not known to all tourists is Laem Ka Beach, which is not always and everywhere well signposted. It is located to the very south on the east coast on Phuket between the towns of Rawai and Chalong. The driveway leads via a private area, but this should not deter the visitor-beach holidaymakers are still welcome here. The reward is a 200-foot-wide bay with white sand and small pebbles, as well as distinctive rocks on the edge and with shady trees and palm trees in the background. The water is clear and attracts snorkelling and swimming. However, lifeguards, showers and toilets are not available here, but there are some sun loungers as well as a lot of idyll and tranquility.

Ao Yon Beach is also one of the insider tips among the beaches on Phuket. It is particularly remote-not visible on the Panwa Peninsula and from the road. The beach is only accessible on foot. Green hills in the background, white sand under your feet and the clear sea in front of the visitor -this is the Ao Yon Beach. Hardly any other beach visitors find it-the beach is therefore often a lonely paradise. Only some local residents, holiday homes and yacht owners pass here for a swim, but they often belong to the more upscale class. However, the bathing pleasure is clouded by some poisonous seaweed and coral, and the warning of stingrays in the water is often valid.


Monsoon and Co: Discover sights during the rainy season on Phuket!


Thailand in the rainy season? This then discourages some holidaymakers and makes other destinations book. The rainy season does not mean that it rains continuously on holiday, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the contrary. Even on these days, the weather can be fantastically nice. The advantage: The climate is not quite as hot as it was in March and April. And the few real periods of rain can be used excellently with excursions other than the beach.


Traditional Massage Phuket
Traditional Massage Phuket-Thailand-© nut3d


With a massage, for example. Thailand is famous for its sphare treatments. And contrary to the cliché, this is not always about a “happy ending,” but rather about relaxation, relaxation and wellness, which can last for hours. Numerous spas and massage parlours beckon in the different places and are worth a visit.


But Phuket also has to offer museums that are excellent for visiting during a downpour. First and foremost, the “Trickeye Museum” in Phuket Town. More than 100 paintings can be found here and the visitor can position himself as part of an image-and, of course, also photograph. But also the “tin building museum” is worth a visit, which tells the story about the mining and trade of tin on the island. It is housed in a historic building in the famous Sino-Portuguese style. An old conveyor system can be seen outside. The museum is accessible from Koh Kaew and Kathu as it is located on its connecting road. Other museums include the National Museum in Thalang or the Seashell Museum in Rawai.


Does it take a break from culture and co? Then enjoy fun at the Upside Down House in Phuket Town. This excursion destination offers optical illusions that amuse young and old: The visitor has the feeling that everything is upside down. Feel like Alice in Wonderland. Photos are allowed, admission is cheap. The house is located on Bypass Road and is open from 10am to 6pm.

When it rains, there’s no better time than to venture a canoe rip. Because the holidaymaker gets wet here as well. Therefore, on such days there are also sea tours to the famous “Phang Nga.” The karst landscape with the huge rocks is also a worthwhile sight with a cloudy backdrop.


Those who love the seascape but still want to stay dry can choose a visit to the capital’s aquarium. Although it is not very large, it offers a very nice overview of the local freshwater and saltwater fish species. Especially worth seeing is the tunnel through a basin filled with rays and sharks, as well as then with giant groudes. Turtles can be experienced outdoors. At “Dolphins Bay” Phuket, there’s not only a show with the animals to watch, but sea lions to watch up close. If necessary, swimming with the animals can also be booked.


Those travelling to Phuket with children should also have the “Splash Waterpark” near the airport on their visit list. Here, numerous slides and water worlds beckon for hours of fun. Admission is not entirely cheap, but the park is worth its price. Because beaches are not always suitable for bathing in the rainy season. Rather, they develop into centers of surfing in the off-season. Competitions can be admired here as spectators just as beginner courses can be taken to try out surfing for yourself. Those who shy away from the sea can try the first test passes at the “Surfhouse” in Kata.


Note: Thailand is considered largely safe for holidaymakers, tourists and visitors. There is no current travel warning from Germany and so there is no reason not to discover sights on the island of Phuket.





Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. However, the island has long since offered more than just just swimming pleasure. Cultural attractions such as numerous temples, the “Big Buddha” and museums attract, as does the “National Park,” with the last piece of rainforest on the island. Lonely bays are not easy to find, but worth the arduous journey. The nightlife is wild especially in the cities of the island, for the markets Phuket is also known. Sports enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth on the island: Whether surfing, golf or kickboxing. And if you want to experience everything together on holiday, rent a car or motorcycle yourself and explore sights on Phuket little by little on your own. Have fun!