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Buddha must have had a really good day when he designed the island of Phuket, because it lies glittering – like a divine dream – in the Andaman Sea, lapped by sapphire blue waters rushing at the snow-white beach covered by palm trees. So much Southeast Asian idyll, which is even unspoilt in many places, stirs the wanderlust among young and old and has for years led to Phuket becoming the number one visor destination of many tourists who feel at home here – one octave higher, After all, lifted into the sky of leisure.

On the dream island of Ko Phuket, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand, the astonished guest can expect numerous tempting accommodations: From the exclusive hotel on the beach to the resort with its own pool landscape to the diverse apartments and Holiday homes that are offered here for all tastes and amenities. An alternative for individualists who have no much left over for hotels or resorts – regardless of the stardust ratings – and who are also gripped by the desire to collect unique impressions in Thailand, is accommodation in a private room. Below we show you what is to be considered so that your long-distance travel trip becomes a complete success.

Many opportunities, versatile accommodation: The term private room and what lies behind it

First, a small explanation of definition: At first, private rooms mean a contrast to the designated hotels and resorts, where guests have to adapt to the internal process. However, the category Private Room is not clearly defined, because this may be a small villa that you can book, or a small apartment, or an apartment. If you are looking for cheap deals on accommodation on Phuket, pay attention in the descriptions to terms such as Private Room or Private Rooms – if there is then on the Beach or even Beach and Pool, you can be sure to close your dream gem to the night To have found at the beach.

A small local customer: The most original accommodation is in Patong – the quietest in Kathu

On Phuket there are as many different classes of private accommodationas there are locations on the beach: The beaches of Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kathu and Rawai offer very different but always idyllic perspectives on the ocean – of moving and lively ( Patong) to quiet and elegant (Kathu). A private room near the Beach is therefore either a bed and breakfast for the solemn tourist right at the center of entertainment facilities, or a chance to be withdrawn and close to subtropical nature with its rushing palm trees and rainforest plants Individually holidaying. The accommodations are unquestionably all worth seeing, and each has its own charm.

Prices in Thailand are cheap – the demands high

Private rooms on Phuket are pleasantly inexpensive: A simple room can be booked from as little as €20, several rooms in a villa or apartment with pool or proximity to the beach there is between €40-80, which is also very much for a holiday with a family Cheap. However, you have to note that the offers are truly wide ranging – so it is best to compare the reviews, which are mostly viewable online, because this allows you to orient yourself well on the satisfaction of other guests.

Villa on time: Private room on Phuket as affordable luxury

A private room can, but does not have to mean, that apartments or individual rooms can be booked directly from private, i.e. by the owner – quasi-familial structure of everyday life and lemongrass coconut milk soup included for breakfast. However, most offers from private accommodation such as a villa are offered by professional companies for booking. Nevertheless, the private room on Phuket remains an exclusive affair for individual tourists with the soft spot for the special.