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Find the best hotels in Kathu on Phuket in Thailand here. Find the most beautiful hotel on the holiday island of Phuket for your holiday. Whether you are booking sea views or directly on the beach with or book your holiday hotel on Kathu Beach with top reviews reliable and convenient. Start a hotel search now!

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Kathu hotels: Off the hustle and bustle of Phuket, cheap and luxurious accommodations beckon

If you’re looking for a hotel on the Thai island of Phuket for a holiday, you’re usually looking for the bustling streets like Phuket Town’s Thalang Road or Phuket’s numerous beaches.

But the island also offers more tranquil recreation. At the hotel in Kathu inland , for example. Because the small village offers numerous hotels with a lot of peace, sport and wellness away from commercial tourism.

Hotels in Kathu: Thai originality with its own bathing atmosphere inside the island

The name Kathu not only hides the smallest of the three districts of the Thai island of Phuket – which administratively includes Patong, which is a completely different world. Because even a small old village hides behind Kathu. The town is located with its hotels halfway between Patong Beach and Phuket Town. While the hotel in the capital of the island and on Patong Beach revolves around the beach holiday and the lively nightlife,the holidaymaker in Kathu has less commercial offers, hotels withmore peace and nature.



Kathu is about five kilometres from Patong Beach, andPhukets Airport takes around 45 minutes to drive. Some parts of Kathu are bustling, others particularly quiet. Here you will find mainly large-scale residential areas, in which one or the other hotel was built. In Kathu, it is always worthwhile to mingle with the locals, visit the fresh markets and follow the traditions in Thailand. Many a hotel is conveniently located right in the middle of it.

Kathu Phuket Waterfall
Kathu Phuket Thailand waterfall-copyright by pimonphotography

Kathu is best known on Phuket for its waterfall. While holidaymakers mostly use Patong Beach for bathing, locals prefer their waterfalls. The waterfall in Kathu consists of three steps, at each one a bath can be enjoyed. Many a hotel is just a walk away from it. The free bathing pleasure is recommended especially during the week, because then the holidaymaker often has the waterfall all to himself.

But also the original and much sought-after Thai culture can be found in Kathu, such as at the “Wat Kathu” or the “Kathu Chinese Shrine.” The “Wat Kathu” is a quiet, local temple not far from a few hotels, where only a few tourist buses stop. Around the Typical cultural site on Phuket There is also a menagerie with dogs, cats and chickens. But the “Kathu Chinese Shrine” is also a place of calm, located directly in the village on Samkong Kathu Road – two kilometres from the intersection between Kathu and Patong. The shrine is firm with the “Phuket Vegetarian Festival“Connected, which originated here: A colorful feast in the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Whether old or young – in Kathu and all over Phuket, everyone knows this feast.

Free time at Kathu hotels: A paradise for golfers, athletes and hikers

However, if you are looking for a hotel on Phuket to get away from it all, you’re also in the right place in Kathu. Because the small village is a real paradise for golfers on Phuket. More than one club attracts the sportsman in direct and close proximity. Many a Kathu hotel specialises in deals to spend the day on the green and working on its handicap.

But adventure and nature are also possible in the Kathus hotels. One or the other hotel is located near the zip line adventure “Flying Hanuman” on Wichitsongkram Road, where holidaymakers can swing from tree to tree across the jungle while experiencing the beauty of Phuket from the air. If you want to get close to tigers with a pounding heart, you shouldn’t miss the “Tiger Kingdom Phuket” in Kathu. In the small zoo you can get up close and personal with a tiger, watch the animals and even pet them. In addition, there are numerous free hiking routes in nature around many hotels in the village, which can be guided both as well as explored on their own.



Huge selection: From the 2-star hotel to the luxury resort

In the small village of Kathu on Phuket, the choice of different hotels is wide. The offerings are scattered throughout the place and don’t focus on just one area of Kathus. Away from the hustle and bustle in Patong Beach or the nightlife of Phuket Town, the holidaymaker can live here in a hotel of the village in the middle of the locals. In doing so, he also has the choice between different types of accommodation. Kathu has:

  • Two-star hotels
  • Three-star hotels
  • Four-star hotels
  • Five-star hotels
  • The Golf Resort
  • The Wellness Resort
  • Club Hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Pensions
  • Hostels

Small hotels, hostels and B & Bs: Cheap accommodation in Kathu

Hotels book Kathu
Book Hotels in Kathu Phuket Thailand-copyright by Astroboyphoto21

While the resort has many rooms and upscale amenities in a large complex to Thailand, the hostel can also be used to stay with a small budget.

Here the holidaymaker has a choice : Either he shares his room and stays in the dormitory or books a private en suite room in the simple hotel. The amenities are mostly simple, a common room and kitchen can be used outside the room.

But there are also plenty of overnight options in Kathu. These simple hotels are in no way inferior to the big resort in terms of friendliness and service.

Reviews can provide reliable information about cleanliness, comfort and equipment in the hotel . The holidaymaker can find free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and a terrace, as well as in the 5-star resorts.

Golf, wellness and relaxation: The luxury stay in Kathus Hotels

But in Kathu, no one has to give up luxury. Because there are also hotels that are a bit more expensive, but can offer numerous stars, luxury and more upscale amenities. Rating winners are not infrequently the big golf resorts. They offer not only everything for the sport, but often also a quiet location, excellent service and many a great sea view. The hotels with golfing orientation beckon to a hole in Kathu, with short paths to the course, idyllic atmosphere and a great overview from the hotel room to the course.

But wellness is also possible in many hotels or spa in Kathu. In addition to the outdoor pool, there is often a rooftop pool, as the hotels in Kathu are in the centre of the island and therefore a little away from the beach. A spa in Kathu offers numerous massage services, for which Thais are known worldwide. Different packages can be booked in these hotels. Such a hotel is especially suitable for holidays for two.



The upscale hotels in Kathu have every standard the guestwants. The services of these hotels range from a 24-hour front desk, ticket offers, laundry services, wake-up calls to parking monitoring and the fulfillment of individual requests of the guests at the hotel. The rooms vary from category to area: The private bathroom, minibar, air conditioning, hair dryer and TV are standard in the hotel. More upscale rooms also feature a balcony, tea and coffee making, additional drinks, private entrances, pool views, outdoor dining and more. Some of the suite is also available in these hotels.


It doesn’t always have to be a hotel in Phuket Town or Patong Beach. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Thailand, you should look for hotels in Kathu. In the domestic village, Thai life can be found away from the commercial metropolises. There is the upscale club here as well as the simple hotel. Holiday opinions can help find the real bargain here.