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Find the best hotels in Nai Thon on Phuket in Thailand here. Find the most beautiful hotel on the holiday island of Phuket for your holiday. Whether you are booking sea views or directly on the beach with or book your holiday hotel on Nai Thon Beach with top reviews reliable and convenient. Start a hotel search now!

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If you’re planning your holiday in Phuket, don’t miss the village of Nai Thon on the west coast of Phuket. Away from the many tourist strongholds, Nai Thon in Phuket is one of the quiet villages in Phuket. Off the main road runs a small road that leads through the village directly to the beach. In Nai Thon, travelers can simply experience a lot and get the rest and relaxation you’re looking for away from the many tourists. The many attractions and the special ambience invite you to a relaxing beach holiday. There, everyone is guaranteed to find the right accommodation, as Nai Thon is a holiday destination that can offer the most beautiful corners of Thailand.

Leisure options in Nai Thon – family atmosphere with wild surfing

Nai Thon is a village in Phuket that is guaranteed to create a familyatmosphere. The beach is not far from a rather low-traveled waterfront road. Between the road and the white sandy beach is a wide strip of green palm trees and trees. This green strip separates the traffic of the beach, so that rest, relaxation and relaxation are possible at any time. The Nai Thons waterfront is also available. There are numerous cafés, bars and restaurants where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the typical local food. There are even numerous food stalls with fresh fruit there. Massages are also available.

The rather quiet seaside resort invites you to enjoy wild surfing. All year round, ideally between May and November, you can enjoy the particularly high waves and the violent current. Experienced surfers like to travel to Nai Thon at this time to experience just that. Nai Thon is a village that is always popular, so you are guaranteed to find the best places to stay.

The sights of Nai Thon and the surrounding area – what you absolutely need to see

Direct Attractions Nai Thon has no choice for his holidaymakers. However, don’t miss Nai Thon Beach. The sandy beach, which is just under a kilometre long, consists of white sand and a particularly clear water. The beach therefore offers the ideal bathing conditions for holidaymakers. The beach is largely stone-free and not even overly deep. Public showers and toilets are also available in the immediate vicinity. If you want, you can rent canoes, boards and stand-up paddles on the beach in the immediate vicinity and explore the water and the surrounding area in this way. Nai Thon Beach is especially interesting for surfers, as the waves in the low season are simply great.

Those who wish can travel about four kilometers away and visit Sirinat National Park in Nai Yang Beach. The park is a real highlight for travellers on holiday. The park was built back in 1981 and offers two types of forest in one reserve. These include the beach forest and the coastal region. A rich birdlife, tropical plants and various tree species can be experienced by travelers there. The large coral reefs there are particularly beautiful at the same time.

Hotels in Nai Thon Beach
Nai Thon Beach-Sirinat national Park Phuket, Thailand copyright by Salparadis

Who is Nai Thon suitable for?

Travelers who want to surf in the high, wild waves are in the right place in Nai Thon. There are many hotels and accommodations that can offer a perfect holiday . If you are travelling to Nai Thon, you can embarked on a relaxing holiday with lots of relaxation and sporting activities.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Nai Thon

Especially beautiful in Nai Thon is the long beach passage, with numerous restaurants and bars located right by the sea. The culinary and local delicacies are part of a holiday in Thailand, so you just shouldn’t miss them. If you want to experience much more of the small village at Phuket , you can even explore the vastness of the sea with a stand-up paddle. After all, Nai Thon offers many possibilities for water sports enthusiasts. Surfers are guaranteed to get their money’s worth and can enjoy the high waves away from the tourist strongholds.

Hotels and accommodations in Nai Thon – Where to stay?

Whether it’s a small apartment, an apartment or even a chic wellness hotel – Nai Thon, it’s easy for every holidaymaker to stay. Most of the time, a hotel in the village is a bit more expensive, as they offer a particularly high level of comfort. If you want to book a cheaper family holiday, you can rent an apartment and take care of yourself. Nai Thon in Phuket offers hotels and accommodations for all budgets. That is why we have listed a few below.

Hotel Naithon Beach Mansion

Just a minute from the beach, this hotel is located in the Naithon district of Phuket. Holidaymakers can look forward to a quiet location, which is full of gastronomic snacks. Phuket International Airport is just a 10-minute driveaway. All rooms there are decorated in a modern Thai style and feature classic furniture with deep red fabrics. All rooms are included in the refrigerator and a private balcony. If you want, you can also use the Leelawadee Spa and just relax.

Hotel Pullmann Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

This hotel is also located right on the beach and provides a relaxing and relaxing holiday. This property is a real luxury resort that not only has its own wellness centre, but also two outdoor pools, a children’s pool and a fitness area for holidaymakers. Even two restaurants, three bars and a bakery await you there. Everything is in the immediate vicinity of this hotel. A 12-minute drive to the Splash Jungle water park is always worthwhile with children. It is also only a 30-minute drive to the large Buddha statue in Phuket and the marina. In of this accommodation you just don’t have anything. The modern rooms and, above all, the balcony attached to each room simply make for an unforgettable holiday.

The Naithon Condo Unit 401

Just a two-minute walk from the beach is this property, which has plenty of apartments to offer. The house was only built in 2016 and is relatively new. Each apartment has a bedroom, a flat screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave and a washing machine. There you just don’t lack anything. A particular advantage is that each apartment has grown its own terrace. The house is only six kilometres from Phuket Airport. Couples in particular like to go on holidaythere.

Phuchada Residence

Hotel Phuchada Residence offers a particularly beautiful accommodation with a garden. Adjacent to this property there is even bike rental and car rental. The cottage is about 20 kilometres from Patong Beach. Phuket is just four kilometres away. The value for money and the many positive reviews of the hotel have been particularly positive.

Andaman White Beach Resort, Andaman

Holidaymakers can enjoy the best of things at the Andaman White Beach Resort near Phuket, just a nine minute walk from the beach. This hotel is one of the luxurious accommodation in Naithon and offers panoramic sea views in every room. Even free water sports are available to holidaymakers there. The hotel’s 40-metre-long outdoor pool and stylish rooms offer ample relaxation and relaxation. If you want to feel comfortable in the spa area. A Thai massage and facial and body treatments of various kinds are available to holidaymakers. According to the reviews, not only is the massage a real racer, but the entire hotel in Thailand. The location, ambience and price are simply great and ensure an unforgettable and at the same time relaxing holiday in Thailand Naithon.