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Around the year, bright sunshine and subtropical vegetation with floating plants and dazzling orchids that not only invite the botanist to dream: This is Ko Phuket, as it were Thai’s answer to the Garden of Eden and at around 500 square kilometres the Most beautiful and largest island in the Andaman Sea. What was unimaginable to many years ago has become a nearby holiday destination due to modern tourism, but it has nevertheless retained its unparalleled charm and authenticity. If you’re looking for a place to stay on Thailand’s dream island, Phuket, can now choose between a wide range of offers: From the five-star hotel of large international hotel chains to the apartment with all the comforts and the luxury-savvy resort to the inexpensive youth hostel or hostel range the Ways to rent a room in paradise.

Individual tourists are particularly fond of using the hostels of Patong, Kata or Karon, as a solid accommodation standard is required here and a mostly friendly and familiar atmosphere. Another advantage of hostels is the cheap price, which distinguishes them especially for those holidaymakers who do not spend a lot of money in the place of their dreams, but really want to let their souls wander – far from technological civilization and its materialism. But no matter how idealistic your own dreams of Phuket are, you won’t get around some quite realistic considerations if you want to explore the most beautiful hostels on the island beforehand and book a room. We will show you in the following how you can see good hostels on Phuket and what standard you can expect where on the island and at what price.

How to know what: What distinguishes a hostel from an apartment or hotel

A hostel is by definition a cheap accommodation with a simple standard of amenities, where there are inexpensive rooms for daily or week-by-day rental. Unlike an apartment or guesthouse, which has individual rooms, a hostel often has multi-bed rooms, sometimes with bunk beds or raisedbeds, reminiscent of the charm of a youth hostel from past school trips. But some a young tourist appreciates this carefree flair at the property – no wonder that the majority of young Thailand travellers and especially the backpack tourists on Phuket rent in hostels.

Prices and reviews: What a backpacker hostel on Phuket can offer

Hostels with their current offers are also available online today, for example, with the corresponding services, prices and reviews. So where Best Price stands, it can be assumed that the already cheap rooms here will be undercut. However, as the reviews are mostly made by young and young-at-heart holidaymakers, it can be assumed that this is more the proximity to the beach and bars and discos or to the next party than other factors of accommodation. Basically, if you like it quiet, you should avoid the bustling areas of Patong, Karon and Kata with their hostels. However, no hostel, however remote, is ever as quiet and offers as much privacy in its rooms as a resort or hotel – but the price is often unbeatable.

Advantages of a hostel on Phuket

Those who prefer hotels with restaurants, a clean pool and the all-round supply that big brands promise will not book a lively hostel set to young clienteleon Phuket. However, the offer of bed and breakfast or a cheap room in the hostel is so temptingly inexpensive that many tourists like to make a priority here. Especially in Phuket town (Old Town) there are many hostels whose offers really deserve the title Best Offer: Here it is worth enjoying relaxing days.