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Phuket is undeniably the number one yearning island in the portfolio of numerous holidaymakers from Germany – and around the world. Dreamlike sandy beaches, delicious seafood fresh from the ocean, secluded quiet bays and a subtropical vegetationthat not only makes nature lovers swoon have created a myth that Phuket almost as a realm of the blessed Appearing. Because those who say Thailand today often mean less Bangkok and Chiang Mai, even though these cities are home to great art treasures and temples, but he speaks of a holiday on the sunny islands in the southeast of the Asian state and especially of Phuket. Phuket or Ko Phuket, as the island is called in Thai, is a rainforest-covered hilly elevation from the Andaman Sea, which, at around 500 square kilometres, is the largest island and at the same time geographically its own province.

A high-ranking hotel industry has helped Phuket become a pearl of long-distance tourism: The picturesque beaches of Rawai, Kamala, Karon, Kathu, Thalang and Patong line up luxury hotels and exclusive resorts like trinkets Fine architecture and stunning pool scenery. But even those who want to travel more sparingly will certainly find their cheap accommodation on the sun island – such as in the numerous apartments, which can be booked for an unbeatable price per night. We will show you where to book which apartments on Phuket and what to expect in terms of comfort and amenities.

A condo on the beach: The cheapest solution for Phuket tourists

Most apartments on Phuket are offered as condominium or abbreviated Condo on the Beach, meaning condominium on the beach. Here it depends on how many bedrooms the apartment has – usually called One Bedroom, but there are also Best Offer offers with Two Bedrooms or more for the whole family. These charming apartments are often privately owned and are lovingly maintained and equipped. Many guests keep coming, because on the bustling beach of Patong, the beach of young and discerning holidaymakers, you are always fascinated by something new. But if you are looking for peace and quiet, rent your apartment on idyllic secluded beaches such as Rawai, Nai or Kathu, where you can live more reclusive.

If you like it more exclusive, you are well served with a small villa

“Man, I buy me ‘ villa, a real villa” was a hit by the Berlin singer Claire Waldorff – but here on Phuket this dream could come true, because this dream could come true, because Many exclusive apartments and high-level apartments are actually advertised as a villa in the online catalogues and at prices starting at €20 per night, this is an affordable pleasure that surely everyone can afford. Some well-known resorts also offer accommodation in a typical local apartment in the middle of an artistically designed garden and pool landscape reminiscent of paradisiacal areas.

Inexpensive to paradise: Phuket offers cheap accommodation

Whether villa, apartment, guest house or Condo on the Beach: v iele namesbasically denote only one and the same thing, namely an apartment in the sun in Thailand. As you’ve seen, the prices for an overnight stay in the apartment on Thailand’s most popular island of Phuket are extremely cheap, despite the sometimes high comfort and many talking extras such as pool or beach in the immediate vicinity. The Thai national currency baht is not very strong compared to the dollar or the euro, which means that you can get attractive rooms and breakfasts here at a relatively reasonable price – especially if you have a condo or apartment on the beach From private can rent. Even the requirements of daily life, whether hairdresser, restaurant and other, are still pleasingly cheap on Phuket despite tourism and are a plus for the guests, so that a trip is always worthwhile.